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"How do people learn to be

"How do people learn to be free? How do they develop the freedom/thinking ability? Is it a gene?"

People can think for themselves just fine. They haven't seen or heard or anything worthy of changing their opinion, and thinking it's a problem "with their genes" insures they never will. You'll just make an enemy for life.

"Why do people not want freedom?"

Because they covet, and want to "live free" off another persons productive labor and property. They want slaves and plunder.

They see government force as a means to that end. It starts from the bottom and goes all the way to the top. Getting rid of government force won't stop it. The problem predates government force. All you can do is your best to insure that it's only used to defend liberty rather than answer peoples unjust prayers, or else government force becomes a tool of oppression and injustice.