Comment: Who Exactly is "One of Us"

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Who Exactly is "One of Us"

...and what exactly IS your strategy?

I congratulate you on your success as a musician...I LOVE music. However, I fail to see your point.

Change will require dealing effectively with many "people "not" like you"...people who you apparently considered "enemy camp" ...and not your choir.I have zero idea what your choir is.

If you are indeed for liberty then please do preach to the choir because you are not doing so now. If you are not then please continue your valiant efforts bombarding your "my space" account and talking with musician friends.

Concentrate on your message rather than attacking others for theirs. If you support some tiny niche, then you will experience failure because tiny niches do not elect Presidents. If you truly think Granger is some kind of operative or troll, then I send you to re-education camp in my prayers.