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I agree..

The age of consent may not even be pushed lower when directly addressing sexual activity at all, this was recently proven true to me when my daughter had her biometric fingerprints taken without consent by her school (here in the UK), this was to be used for access to library books and cashless systems.

The directives given to the school, used the excuse that children above 11yrs (younger if judged capable) where able to give their own informed consent, therefore the need to inform us parents was not required.

It was months before I found out about it!

As you can imagine, I was furious and demanded the school destroy the data without delay.

As a matter of fact, I used sexual consent as part of my argument, when the teacher told me about 11 year olds being capable of making informed consent I asked her if that meant I would be OK to go out onto the playground and get myself a date for the night?

Of course I was being sarcastic but I think she got the point after stumbling for a while about why it was not the same.

My daughter now has a library card and uses cash to pay for lunches and school outings.

She is now informed enough to question the wisdom of "Authority" and consult us as parents before agreeing to ANYTHING the school wishes to force her to accept.

Since then we have prevented her from accepting vaccinations and medication, lunchbox and bag searches (looking for "unacceptable food products"), CCTV cameras in toilets and changing rooms and many other things that young children could be vulnerable enough to accept without question.