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Comment: I listened to Jack Hunter awhile back...

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I listened to Jack Hunter awhile back...

kotter..I haven't seen or heard anything from you or anyone else to make me believe what sounds like reckless CAPITALIZED subject line accusations without evidence, using the Daily Paul as a billboard for your attack, not discussion or enlightenment. But maybe I don't know where to look for these fiendish deeds.

It's peculiar that Mr. Kotter accuses Jack Hunter of fraud using his own very clearly spelled out video as evidence. So far, it seems what he said is what Cotter doesn't like. So how is that fraud?

Your accusation of fraud for personal gain is severe. So show me the scans of the $50,000 checks. Tell me about the paper trail for the fraud, and the specific felonious misrepresentation.

I watched the linked video. Rand Paul's record in the Senate is unsurpassed, and his rhetoric is even better than the oft cited Robert Taft. I’m not keen on parts of his foreign policy. His cooperative methods may prove to be effective in the long run.
I've watched Jack Hunter's well thought out videos and although I don't agree with him in certain areas, I don’t see fraud.

Is Hunter being attacked because he has chosen to not tilt at someone's personal windmill like 9-11? That’s like childishly beating up your brother for not playing catch with you.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ