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There is another old saying:

It is neither here, nor there.

I agree with the majority of your posts, this one included. Wisdom's heart is in the right place and an asset to our movement. Transparent or not, effective or not, it is another attempt to obtain what we seek.

I have upvoted Granger on may occasions. She is correct many of the times and does have some insight. I have also down voted her posts due to blatant disregard and hostility toward others. While some of her strategy is spot on, some of her [what is the word I am looking for?] is weak at best.

This thread is one to ponder. I myself reside in an area which is demographically overrun by democrats. Should I give up the good fight? Should I have others ridicule me, or accuse me of being a plant, because I engage the party?

I usually do not let posts bother me. It is good sometimes to see where they lead. To accuse somebody of being transparent, or not a deep thinker...well, I will leave it at that.

We all have our paths to follow. And our crosses to bare.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul