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Suggested "Jubilee" task for the day

If you are like me, and see this as a tremendous opportunity to gut the "debt based" bankster conspiracy, please help get the word out. I will post an idea a day from now until the 15th. Let me know if you have ideas of your own!
Contact the "Occupy" nearest you and offer to help them publicize anything they do in conjunction with this effort.
To those who don't like "Occupy" -
I see some saying "Occupy is not an ally" below and that is ridiculous. We are all slaves, so we are all allies if we understand the value of finding common ground.
This is from the Bible. Is God not your ally, either? How about Christians, are they your enemies?
Stop looking for excuses to "be different" and learn to support what is good, even if you don't like the person or group that presented the idea.
You understand there were many at "Occupy" with "End the Fed" signs?
If you expect lock-step agreement from your allies in a libertarian movement, you are going to be alone.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.