Comment: Voting Doesn't Work

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Voting Doesn't Work

What does it take to get that through people's heads? Didn't what happened with the GOP and RNC teach you people anything? What about "Hacking Democracy"? Did any of you watch it? What about what happened to the Ron Paul campaign? What about Blackbox voting? Don't you get it? We can't VOTE our way out of this mess! It's got to start from the bottom up! Mat Larson has it right. He is running for city council and going from there. You can vote all day for Rand or Gary or anyone else. "They" will only rig the game again. I'll probably get voted down a lot for saying this but it's the truth and until everyone realizes that and changes their thinking then nothing will ever change. Vote me down all you want. It's the only voting you get to do that shows up anywhere!