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Proud American, You Are Right

...and thank you for calling me out on doing exactly what I had decided "not" to do. The fact that I have no idea where Wisdom Strategies is coming from is even more reason to not accuse her of being a deep thinker.

Also, it implies LOL that I think I am a deep thinker and I do not. I just am who I am working with what I have to work with. Growing , but not always in grace. A lot of us on the DP fall into that category and it is imperative that we call each other out whenever anything we say is divisive...critical and, perhaps, even sarcastic.

Red face I have...and yet we all have much to learn in how to best communicate with each other. I honestly believe that if you truly know another and understand where they are coming from, you almost always find much more that unites than that divides.

Granger also has something to learn from this. We all do. In thanking you, I apologize to WS for anything that said which could rightly be interpreted for doing to her exactly what she was accusing Granger of doing. Point well taken. Call me out anytime I am in error and I will appreciate it every time.

I will also continue to try to understand not only Ron Paul's message, but also his demeanor. Wise, instructive, seldom accusing and always full of grace! (still embarrassed )