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Choose a side

There is only one response to murder, and that is to try to stop it - even the possibility of it. If you don't try to stop it, then you are not living according to *your* own beliefs, but going along with someone else's, aren't you?

Why are *you* uncomfortable with abortion? You must act according to how *you* believe, and no one else. Answer the question for yourself - is abortion murder? You aren't willing to admit to yourself definitively that abortion is murder, so perhaps you don't believe abortion is murder after all. And if not, why feel uncomfortable?

If you have not decided for yourself, perhaps you should not take a public position until you work it out and decide which stand you will take. Either admit the truth of why you are uncomfortable - that abortion *is* murder, and take a stand against it according to *your* own belief, or admit that you are totally pro-choice and stop calling yourself *personally* pro-life, because that's a cop-out. Have the courage of your convictions either way. Right now you are trying to have it both ways, and these two positions can't be held simultaneously. One position is "it's murder", and as I said, there is only one response to that belief.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.