Comment: i realize the odds seem insurmountable, but...

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i realize the odds seem insurmountable, but...

i think the time has rarely been better than now to start a third party. with so many people registering independent or non-affiliated and so many disenfranchised democrats and republicans, there is a huge pool of people that might gravitate towards a party focused on free markets, individual liberty, small government, non-interventionism, and transparency in government.

It would take a coalition of leaders that not only share in those beliefs, but also have name recognition and awsome communication skills. I believe there are a handful of people out there that could carry the torch and make it happen. of course, somewhere near the top would be Napolitano and John Stossel. with these type of people leading the way, the independent thinkers could start a movement that might even convice a few of the sheople to join in.

the two major parties are so entrenched and the rules are so biased towards their establishments that, i believe, it would take a third party movement to take them down. i actually love the idea of taking over the gop and making it into a bastion of liberty, but i believe that may be a rabbit whole that the liberty movement never emerges from.

i wish i had the wherewithall to make it happen, or get the ball rolling, but don't have the connections or resources to do it. i can say that i would be a whole hearted supporter.

just my two cents.