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Just like everyone knows that...

Just like everyone knows that boys AND girls become magically :

1. responsible enough to vote and decide of the fate of a nation at the same age of 18

2. mature enough to drink alcohol with moderation at the age of 21

3. 4. 5. etc, etc.

The big lie of big bureaucratic and regulation addicted big governments :

that the arbitrary of a few can deny or render obsolete the milleniums old wisdom of the familial cell and of the Golden Rule.

Just LEARN about the sort things that the highest instances of Big Government will ALWAYS make sure they can GET AWAY WITH, if needed :

Then, expect from the same CRIMINALS or PERVERTS to use the power of THE STATE to enforce the legalization of their sexual "preferences".

How can ANYONE be surprised by this evolution ? How can anyone be surprised that they start with so called "doctors" / scientific reports to lay down the first bricks for the path of their future perversion performances ?

That said, the fish HEAD always starts rotting FIRST, but it is in the end to spread over the entire body...

I have seen 20 something year old men :

more mature than sick 40 something year old violent childish losers predating on your young girls and/or beating up the N-th working woman who sustains them, and yet they will still never marry, encouraging her to have an abortion, because, "hey, it's your choice / your body, female, anyway, see how cool a dude I am" ... them, parasitic sc*mbags.

But sure, of course, those who defy, despise, mock, spit on, and hate the valuing of individuals' freedoms and qualities are the same who will not cease to lesson you in which nice little jars, and with which nice little labels everybody else ought to be grouped together ... or not.

Everything else of these millenium old values and principles in individuals and family circles are irrelevant now when THE STATE planners can always decide what is right or wrong, or useful, in all people's lives ... and when, for their "fair share society and social equality".

Yeah, right.


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