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Can–O–Worms here - Why is it that when we hear of

sexual abuse cases with minors they invariably involve children of the same gender as the adult?

Why is there such a high proportion of homosexual cases of sexual abuse of children over heterosexual abuse of children? Is someone going to claim the heterosexual ones simply aren't reported as much? Is it that only high profile deviants engage in homosexual child abuse, but your average, everyday, one-off deviant is more likely to engage in heterosexual child abuse?

I don't imply that straight people don't abuse children of the opposite gender. But why are they so low in number compared to people who abuse children of the same gender?

THAT is why people closely associate the two.

THAT is also why people ascribe a large proportion of people being "gay" to being abused as a child rather than as simply being "wired differently."

I know people personally who are wired differently. Some choose to be gay. Some choose to be straight. I also know people personally who are wired straight but chose to be gay. Every single one of them was abused as a child by someone of the same gender.

I wonder what the data on the rest of the population looks like. Would it show a similar pattern?

I would offer that there is a large majority of people who thinks it would and THAT is why they hold the views they do.