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I Need to Feel Embarrassed

....because it was my PS that should have been eliminated and I would "edit" it out if I still had that option.

You said: "I usually do not let posts bother me. It is good sometimes to see where they lead. To accuse somebody of being transparent, or not a deep thinker...well, I will leave it at that."

And, it was that very wise statement that made me see my PS for just how unkind, judgmental, unnecessary and counter-productive it was.

I went to sleep last night thinking about how the present non-election atmosphere provides an opportunity for clear thinking, sharing, educating and being educated and building unity.

I thought through my various sides as presented here and even re-read a lot of my past posts. I was not proud of some of them. Snarky and oh so clever can be fun when you are egged on. Egging on others also can be fun. I participated in both at one time or another. There also were some posts that clearly indicated I had not researched and did not know what I was talking about. All of those posts of mine were somewhat embarrassing in retrospect.

I resolved that whether read or ignored, I would come from a place more like Ron Paul in the future because "that place" would be more productive in promoting understanding and unity. It would also prevent anyone from refraining to post their thoughts and questions because they were afraid of being put down or ridiculed simply for stating what they thought and felt.

LOL...and day after...24 hours later...the cock crowed twice before I remembered what I had resolved. Several of today's posts by me reflected it...but I blew it twice by allowing not so righteous indignation to rise its ugly heard. and I have an agreement and I will, indeed, call you out if ever indicated although I sincerely doubt that would happen. You do the same. In the meantime, had you not said what you did...( was headed straight for the cock (or whatever it was, was it a cock...LOL) crowing three times and more. Perhaps I still would have been forgiven...but learning to operate with RP-type grace and wisdom is a stretch for many of us. Nevertheless, a stretch worth attempting.