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America is over $16 trillion in debt. The 'official' unemployment rate still hovers around 8%.

Our federal government claims the right to spy on American citizens, indefinitely detain them, and even assassinate them without trial.

Domestic drones fly over the country for civilian surveillance.

Twelve million fewer Americans voted in 2012 than in 2008, yet political pundits scratch their heads.

It’s not hard to see why, though.

To go along with endorsing a never-ending policy of bailouts, 'stimulus packages', and foreign military adventurism, the establishment of neither major party questions the assaults on Americans’ liberties I’ve named above.

As my campaign showed, the American people are fed up. Many realized heading into Tuesday that regardless of who won the presidential election, the status quo would be the real victor.

GOP leadership is now questioning why they didn’t perform better.

They’re looking at demographic changes in the United States and implying minorities can only be brought into the party by loudly advocating for abandoning what little remains of their limited government platform and endorsing more statist policies.

My presidential campaign proved that standing for freedom brings people together.

Liberty is popular regardless of race, religion, or creed.

As long as the GOP establishment continues to not only reject the liberty message, but actively drive away the young, diverse coalition that supports those principles, it will see results similar to Tuesday’s outcome.

A renewed respect for liberty is the only way forward for the Republican Party and for our country.

I urge all my Republican colleagues to join the liberty movement in fighting for a brighter future.

--Ron Paul

This is a good statement. But the GOP Establishment, the War Establishment, the Social/Cultural/Jesus Police, and of course CIA-funded Right-Wing Talk Radio all still have a stranglehold on the Republican message, the Republican Party, and the accepted range of discussion.

Republican colleagues therefore are not likely to convert to a totally different message, when their bread is buttered and their campaigns are funded by the other side.

I think we've seen the failure of trying to win over the GOP Establishment in the 2011-2012 primaries. We couldn't even win over Ron Paul to keep on campaigning beyond April, and to break the Establishment's candidate with an aggressive approach, and push ahead for a brokered convention.

If the GOP can really be reformed then something very, very amazing must first happen -- like a big effort around Election Reform to take $$$ money (Bribery) out of the whole system.

But as long as big money controls the whole process, any logic and ethics become irrelevant. We live under a system of Legalized Bribery, and then expect the truth to Prevail..... ??

I don't think so. Under this system, the truth has no oxygen and only corruption can continue to prevail.

We must first refocus all our efforts on getting big money out of the whole contaminated political system .... something people of all viewpoints can understand and support.

This is the only way to take the power away from the GOP Establishment, and have colleagues become unhindered so that they can embrace the Liberty message.