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Surprisingly it was much

Surprisingly it was much better received than I thought. I had one professor who was clearly a democrat who worked his ass off with me to make sure it was clear concise and efficient. He said he did not care what argument I tried to make as long as I did it well. I am in debt to him for his time and concern. I had some professors roll their eyes at me, but no one, not a single one of them could argue that it was not well written or well researched. I am also a lit major, so a lot of the thesis from other students in my department were about symbolism and flowery aspects of literature. I had economic statistic and historical research to back me up. I have since decided to study economic systems throughout the world of literature and continue writing about them and writing about things like Austrian economics and free market capitalism. I know I will face roadblocks, but as long as I can write well and include the research professors can roll their eyes at me all they want.

I would also like to say one more time, the professor who supported and helped me the most was a democrat. He did not care that he did not agree with some of my findings, he wanted me to succeed because he knew I was presenting important information and different information than the usual symbolism in literature stuff.

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