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Comment: I will if Anarchists destroy what they don't understand.

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I will if Anarchists destroy what they don't understand.

It doesn't take a government or any statist for men to decide to use violence to take what they covet.

It goes all the way back, as far as our eyes can see. It predates any form of government or statism.

As of now, I'm a Libertarian, and what's the point of even mentioning liberty unless you know what threatens it; that there are people more than happy to take you as a slave, to kill you because they see you as excess garbage, something with no value polluting their mud ball, or at a minimum; something here to serve them.

Look around. The whole world is falling to debt slavery, and Anarchists claim to oppose what's happening, but refuse to do anything about other than try and snap their fingers thinking they can make mans covetous nature disappear.

Sorry. You don't have that power. You'll need a better plan.

If you ever have any doubt about mans true covetous nature, just look at all the pyramids that pollute the landscape like scars. I LOVE that they stand the test of time. They're like evidence.

It's like God himself wants to remind all you little Anarchists; evil men covet, want slaves, plunder, and they want to be your GOD.