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Comment: You are wrong

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You are wrong

1) 12,000,000 Less Republicans voted this election than in the past. Why? They are true conservatives that did not like moderate Mitt being their party's nominee so they stayed home.

2) Some that voted for Obama were actually Ron Paul supporters that didn't want war-mongering Mitt, so they chose what they thought was the lesser of the two evils.

3) That 1% that voted for Gary Johnson surely would've voted for Paul instead (myself included), were he the nominee. I have no doubt that Gary would have stepped down, were this the case.

Mitt was a PLACE HOLDER so Dr. Paul could not get the nomination fair & square. HE is the one that NEVER had a shot in hell, thus why he was the chosen one from the very beginning. RP did win the nomination but was cheated out of it. In my precinct where the caucus was done in a fair & open manner, Paul supporters got every single delegate slot. C'mon - do you really think Mitt got 70% of the primary vote in Paul's congressional district? He cheated!! It is so obvious...Even my Dad who lives in the critical state of Iowa & has been a hard core Republican his whole life started to send me articles about RP when he saw how much I admired him. I think most of the older people are excited to see the younger generation involved & were just as hurt by the actions of the GOP at the convention this year. He did win if his goal was to demonstrate to the youth the corruption permeating the political system in America & get them fired up (which I think was always his real mission, he knew what he was up against). I am on my 3rd Ron Paul book, will never read anything written by Mittens. So who is the real winner?? Paulbots are the future, so get on board or get out of the way.