Comment: I want liberty.

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I want liberty.

Liberty is anything but "dictating the terms of my life" and I know I'll never get it without justice.

The man who'll rule you doesn't NEED anything from you either, but he'll CHOOSE to take everything from you. He covets, and if you have nothing he wants, he'll just to get rid of you. Your death alone will be enough.

He'll take all your productive abilities, anything of value, and use it to serve his will, and he'll do it through force; VIOLENCE against you and everybody you love.

That's what Anarchists want to set loose in the free market, because they're either naive or WANT that unleashed.

You don't know yourself, and deny your own nature, and that's why the people who DO know themselves and their enemy will always win.

They win because they know you think they care about justice. They don't. They're destroyers who covet. They want injustice.

Liberty is their enemy for a reason; it's where justice begins. In the future a destroyer imagines, his slaves have never even heard the word "liberty".

"Know thyself and your enemy, and you will win all battles; know thyself and not thy enemy, for every victory there will be a defeat; know neither yourself nor your enemy and you'll be defeated all the time." Sun-Tzu, The Art of War