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What a Huge

...potentially life changing (for the world) topic that is emalvini. I only hope that the lies become transparent. I like reading Information Clearinghouse for articles exposing the other side of the propaganda machine.

This blog which still is described as "inspired by Ron Paul" now has P for Peace (non-intervention unless our shores (not the elites' monetary interests) are in danger. I like to think Dr. Paul would like that very much.

This article is frightening. The political climate is frightening. I hope it is posturing. It may not be.

We have done much harm to innocent people in the Middle East. Will it end before it is too late? The "world" keeps happening as we lament who is President, discuss who ought to be President, etc.

I take to heart the primary issues to me: Peace au (the economy) and Love (respect for everyone who shared the planet and for each other on this blog.) Thank you for the article. Keep posting what you feel is relevant even if it seems to go unnoticed. To me, this is something we all should stay on top of and courageously present another side to all those who catch the "fear bug" from the media and the self-interest groups...politicians included.