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Comment: I'd like Ron Paul too

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I'd like Ron Paul too

he'll be 80, but then again, Ben Franklin attended the Constitutional Convention at age 82, and that was back in the 1700s when people didn't live as long to begin with. So age need not be an issue for Ron either, especially because he's young at heart.

But I'd like to see Justin Amash, too (as the running mate; or if Ron Paul decides he doesn't want to run, I'll respect that decision, in which case Amash is my second choice). He was the first Congressman to always post a Constitutional justification for any of his votes, up or down.

Not to mention that an Amash candidacy would drive folks like Pamela Geller, Debbie Schlussel, David Horowitz and John Hagee absolutely BONKERS! When the neocons expose themselves for the nasty bigots they truly are (and having an Arab-American running for president, as a Republican no less, will certainly make them do so), no one in their right mind, Republican or otherwise, will ever give them the time of day again. Which is exactly what we'd like to see. I've had it up to here with neocons and establishment Republicans claiming that Paul supporters are racist and bigots, when it should be obvious to anyone that the REAL racists and bigots are on their side, not ours.