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Civil Liberties erbrooks an issue that unites. I like the way you are thinking as I have thought along those lines as well...looking for the areas in which people can unite.

While in transition I am currently living with my son in an upper income, predominately African American neighborhood. Almost every house still has an O'Bama sign in front. I mailed in my vote as I am registered in California; however my son participated in early voting day. He said the lines were incredible and the wait was long. He was the only white in line.

My son is a manager at Crown Bolt and has mostly low wage minorities working for him He says they can't make ends meet in this economy. They make too much for entitlements (food stamps, etc) and yet are barely making it. Granted that is undoubtedly due to choices they have made in some cases, houses, cars, toys, too many children, etc. Still their reality is what it is, they are working and not on welfare and there is discomfort/anger. In a sense that presents an opportunity (given a real choice) as it is going to get worse.

Of course, African Americans overwhelmingly voted for O'Bama. What issues would reach them and especially those who are more affluent and have a voice in their communities to the young and in their churches to the masses. Influence...voices.

You listed some issues that might reach segments. Another might be the concern that all African Americans express that most of their "young men" are either in prison or have been. Forget the perception (or truth which ever it may be) that they have committed crimes. It would be interesting to discover how many are in jail for pot and how long of sentences they have. Additionally, while I am not certain if African Americans are unjustly charged with more crimes, I do think there is a possibility that the justice system doles out way more severe sentences. Just my perception. Most of us are against the growing prison industry and unjust sentences. We are against any kind of inequality in arresting and sentencing. I think this would resonate with Blacks. Any thoughts?

I do not think this segment or the hispanic or any other would suddenly shift upon hearing that the Ron Paul people were treated unfairly. A more positive approach and one that would immediately resonate is how "they" are being treated unfairly. I hope we can move past focusing on how we have been done wrong and move towards how we can bring about real change in the fasted manner possible.