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This chart is unclear

I agree that it certainly does appear from that first set of numbers (the first three columns) that "Cards Cast" in almost any ward/precinct is higher than "Registered Voters," showing "% Turnout" at greater than 100%. In total (Page 7), 501282 Cards Cast vs. 387142 Registered Voters shows % Turnout at 129.48%.

But... what do "Times Counted" and "Times Blank Voted" mean? That SECOND group of numbers lists "Registered Voters," "Times Counted," "Total Votes," and "Times Blank Voted." (Total = Cards Cast) Total VOTES are NOT more than the registered voters. With 387142 registered voters, Times Counted = 251339, Total Votes = 250295, and Times Blank Voted = 932. And that "Total Votes" number does jibe with the vote tallies for the candidates: there were 2089 votes for Johnson, 197382 for Obama, 48274 for Romney, 2073 for Stein, and 477 Write Ins. Total = 250295.

In other words, actual votes don't exceed the number of registered voters. With 250295 votes vs. 387142 registered voters, it would appear to actually reflect a 65% turnout (vs. 128%).

Those pages don't define those different categories. But given that that first set of numbers does say that more "cards" were cast than number of registered voters, I'd love to know the difference between "cards" cast and "votes" cast!

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