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Thanks for the Invite often and post more. Many of us are listening and gravitating to some of the same ideas.

We need to find pivotal issues. I am very interested in the liberty issues those Democrats felt so strongly about and that resonated in NH. Can they carry-over to other States? What other issues are pivotal and cross party lines. What messages reach the public. What climate led to the free state project? What can we learn.

On the DP we care very much about some issues that, hardly a waste of fact never a waste of time as far as gradually educating the masses...but, nevertheless not issues that will result in the paradigm shift we need.

For instance, I am all for an Austrian (pure of modified for the transition) approach to economics. I am all for ending the Fed. However, I am a realist. Partial audits that bring lies to the surface are very important and can wake some up. The reality is that most don't care and when the crash comes or as the fact that it is already here begins to emerge, the slick mickey will already be a done deal. Sad, but true.

So to me we work on State Rights and a return of power to the States. We encourage local efforts that return power to the people. We present projects and experiments that correct (even partially) wrongs. We support all liberty candidates and messages if they are sincere. We support unity of like-minded people regardless of Party affiliation and recognize that there can be change ..major change.. in any. A little study on what the Democratic Party used to be and who used to vote Democrat is very revealing and the same is true with the Republican Party. Those changes gradually took place over two generations.

Third Parties? Well, they may satisfy the individual priorities, but they are not going to change the big picture and especially as they continue to say what one should be against instead of what one should be for. Starting a new party right now would be a distraction and suck all the energy this movement has going for it. A Koch Republicans wet dream and the same for a Soros Democrat. Ron Paul-like liberty candidates in all parties and in independents is an idea whose time has come. Give the non-voters a reason to vote in four years. Grow leadership. Grow unity.

Let's look for the pivotal issues as we continue to study some of the huge ones and all prepare for an opportunity that is going to present itself as very bad things continue to happen. Just my thoughts.