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Thanks for posting this

I hadn't heard it before. Just 2 points:

1. If Rand had waited until Romney had actually gotten the nomination, I wouldn't have had a problem with it. But he jumped the gun by at least 2 months which needlessly offended his father's supporters, and it possibly damaged RP's campaign.

2. If Romney had attained the nomination fairly, again, I'd have no problem with Rand's strategy. But Rand knows very well that Romney "won" by cheating his father, right up to the rules changes at the RNC. He went on to campaign for the guy who stole the nomination from HIS OWN FATHER.

Sorry, but when you keep the facts in mind, Rand's explanation just doesn't hold up. I hope he continues to do some good in the senate, but I'd never trust him enough to support him as a presidential candidate. He did that to himself.