Comment: Rand is not the kind of person they want.

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Rand is not the kind of person they want.

Bottom line is he will not go along with being a PUPPET. Expect the media to marginalize him as they did Ron Paul.

The media will push whomever the elite choose to win. And as someone said, being chosen by the elite politically is a great career move.

In the end you will end up a multimillionaire for playing the puppet for the bankers and their crowd. Blair is a very rich man these days, and so too Obama after his last 4 years. He will retire a very wealthy man.

There is much reward in the world for those willing to sell their SOUL for money. I don't think Rand qualifies. He goofed up a little, but remains AN HONEST MAN. Being shunned by the media is a measure of the state of your soul. ;)