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Because Rand is hoping to garner support from us and others...

...not part of the corrupt establishment.

You can not win without the vote of some idiot neo-cons; those who have yet to understand themselves but who are too stupid to be on the take.

I met one such idiot at an auction the other week... He was convinced that if we could just nuke all muslims then the world would immediately be at peace again... not realizing that oil, the military industrial complex, etc would have to come up with a new reason to continually send our troops to war... and they will... but these idiots believe the current story line... that by killing muslims we will have peace... always, every time they believe this BS.

Rand knows this and speaks to those who are uninformed and stupid, but not corrupt, the stupid masses who are not on the take themselves, just ignorant.

This is why the establishment fears Rand Paul more than they feared Ron Paul. Rand knows how to support Romney in such a way that Romney looses elections and Rand garners the support away from the corrupt establishment, doing it in such a way that be bests them at their very own disinformation game.