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Pre-Occupied vrs Thankful.

+1, thanks again for the regular posting on Thankfulness. I was reading a longish post on another DP thread and my thoughts came to this page.

One may wonder what is keeping man from thankfulness. There are different causes & distractions, where the mind is pre-occupied, = is only concerned with immediate needs, & search for its fulfillment. Some are busy - , some do not believe, some do not pray, some pray only for wants, asking & seeking, some pray with praise & Thanks.

Those who are unfortunately stuck with demands e.g. taxes, interest, rents, food & fuel bills, etc., feel (have?) lesser reasons to give thanks. They canNot afford to give in charity, are needy themselves. If they pray - its for needs.

What is required is to free mankind from the debt-trap, now we realize more the wisdom in the saying = ""The Truth shall set you free"".

pls breeze thru the DP post =