Comment: Theres no perfect form of

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Theres no perfect form of

Theres no perfect form of government because government is dependent on humans willingly not abusing power. Government was said to be a 'necessary evil' by the Founding Fathers, even with all the momentum, there were some who still believed that some form of the Federal State was needed. This, the smallest microcosm of a form of government has now grown into the largest, most technologically advanced government the world has seen. There has never been a perfect form of government, there have been theories that are backed by logic of what a "perfect government" is in 'their eyes... but it is mere theory and subjective.

I truly believe that if the game was not rigged, and Ron Paul got a fair share in the media... he would've have a damn good chance of winning. He already was in the lead (won??) Iowa, 2nd in New Hampshire, 2nd (won??) in Maine, etc. If there wasn't a corporate, government, military industrial complex backed resistance to the RP movement, the votes were counted as recorded, the polls and media reflected the will of the people and not the powers that back them, he could've won. Unfortunately, they're not and he was screwed...

He's had such an impact and more people take his message seriously now because its relevant to our times, in due time... he's already won in my eyes.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...