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I Do Not Underestimate

...the power of the grassroots. I thought a lot about Octoboxes #1.
"he could not have won" ...because he lost is a strange way of putting it; however, I "choose" whether Octobox mean this or not to believe that he was not going to be allowed to be heard under any circumstances. He was going to be silenced one way or another because he was trouble to the power structure.

Both the title of the article and #1 stopped most people from reading on...and thinking about it.

#2 Is true, because people right now (even supposedly educated people) choose "not" to think or else they are not capable of thinking they are so media brain-washed. The reasons I have heard "on the street" from both Romney and O'Bama voters are superficial like Octobox said.
They are like zombies...not wanting to face the realities we are faced with.

Bring up even the insanity of printing money and throwing it at global companies eyes glaze over. Almost makes you understand why a small group of elitists believe that the poopulace is not capable of making educated decisions. That is their power. That is the reason that it goes beyond waking up the and some jolt that stimulates critical thinking is necessary.

How does that happen? Don't get me wrong. I am an optimist. I come from the place that it has to happen. I am not folding. I am How does that happen?

One way is that we start thinking outside the box. Listen to people who are. Work together.