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Thought I knew it all

I was completely ignorant of economics my entire life. Raised in an apolitical household and avoided the world of politics/business/economics, as I thought it was all nonsense that never really affected my day to day. I fancied myself a "non-conformist" and a real free thinker. Then when we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan I became disenchanted by American imperialism. With GW at the helm I pinned this directly on the Republicans. I started to listen to liberal talk radio, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, etc... I thought John Stewart and Bill Mahr were just hilarious. Michael Moore was a people's champion. I had my subscription to The Nation, and I was set! It's easy to buy into the Liberal mission when you have zero understanding of economics. To really seal the deal, being from IL, I was very early on the Obama bandwagon. I loved his speech at the 2004 convention, I read his books, and I was cheerleader numero uno. I thought I was cool finally being "engaged in the political process". I'd strut my stuff in good natured arguments with friends while out drinking or I'd "drop some knowledge" on coworkers. Bottom line... I was a full fledged knucklehead statist liberal douchezilla.

Then a few things happened...

During the 2008 primary cycle, I saw a contingent of Ron Paul supporters outside of Union Station in Chicago handing out literature and waving signs. All I knew about Ron Paul at this point was he was a "Republican" and that he was by most accounts considered to be crazy. The thing was, the people that were out in support of him did not fit the image of obnoxious, white-collar Republicans that knew to be true. They were regular looking folks, including some young, seemingly good natured people. This really caught me off guard and although I rolled w/ Obama straight through the election process, this stuck in my head and piqued my interest in Ron Paul.

Then I got a job at a bank that required me to gain an understanding of the markets and economics. I started drifting to a free market state of mind.

Obama didn't hold up his social or foreign policy campaign promises, which were the main things I was attracted too. I was seriously let down by and became disenchanted with both sides.

Then I came across a copy of "Libertarianism: A Primer" by David Boaz, in the garage of my estranged and recently (at the time fall 2010) deceased father. This was a complete game changer, and started the snowballing process of all things Libertarian that inevitably leads to Ron Paul.

Then I couldn't get my hands on Ron Paul and economics books, YouTube videos, you name it, fast enough. The rest is history.

Live Free or Die!