Comment: Government forced labeling is not the solution.

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Government forced labeling is not the solution.

First of all having government involvement in such matters is uncalled for; no defense of life, liberty or property. You may say wait a minute, but my health (life) is in jeapordy. Sure but you don't have to eat that food. No one is forcing you to do it. It is your choice. Secondly do you really believe that those same big companies like monsanto won't find a way to get this system to work for them? They are the government, don't you get it? The whole damn problem is created because of people trying to use the government to accomplish their own personal goals....and you are doing it right now.

TO fix the problem you need to find out what is causing the problem and in this case it is big government. So don't make the problem worse by adding more big government. Instead remove the power of the government which permits companies like monsanto from taking advantage of the system.