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Yes, He Won In My Eyes Also that what he accomplished is unprecedented. He dared to say what no one else dared to say. It resonated. Started a movement. The question is what will we do with it. We aren't off to a great start but that can change. It is the message.

...and I believe Octobox pretty much said that in #3. Yes, he talked waaaay over peoples' heads and yet somehow even those who did not ...could not..totally understand what from his years of study he was saying, they were mesmerized by the truth of it. Not mesmerized by silver tongued oratory skills because he did not have that. What he had and has is such a rare transferable power of truth that it reached people no matter what their IQ or information background. And there are other clues. He was positive...he gave hope because he talked about what can be.

I agree with you that Gigantic Government ... the octopowerpus we allowed to develop...seems out of control and is, indeed, dependent upon humans allowing giving it power. Even begging for it.

The message is the only thing that has any chance of breaking the strangle-hold. What percentage would represent is critical mass? Wolfe said 10% and I've heard that before. But 10% of what. Those who vote. Those who could vote. We won't know until we try it.

And I DO believe there is a perfect form of government. It isn't in textbooks because it hasn't happened yet. It won't happen in my lifetime, but movement in the right direction requires liberty and peace and mutual respect.