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Thank you, Granger :-)

If they show, I will definately ask on your behalf. Mine too, because I am curious :-)

I believe the primary reason that I did not want romney to win is because I am trying to break the pattern of D, R, D, R, etc. It seems when the people are tired of one party, they simply vote in the other, both having similar agenda (keynesian). I am not sure if 2016 will turn out any different, but it is at least a shot that is better sooner than later. Hopefully it will wake the confused neocon voters up, if not the politicians themselves. The tactics up to and including Tampa have a role in that also, I will not deny.

I can't promise anything, but the one truck guy who voted romney seemed sincere. I believe that if he does attend, and we have a few drinks and wings afterward, he may be another addition to our growing base. He claims that he is ultra-conservative, so this may be an easy sell :-)

My goal is to reach out to as many people as I can prior to the next elections coming up. If they can be convinced, they can then talk to their family and friends, and hopefully we can break the stronghold of the dems in this area. For now it is local/state. I am praying that this will lead to 2016.

I still support and believe in what you are doing. We just have different approaches :-)

Josie The Outlaw

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul