Comment: Dr. Paul most certainly would

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Dr. Paul most certainly would

Dr. Paul most certainly would have won, by a landslide, had the media at large donated $10,000,000,000+ in airtime and print like they did for the primary candidates, Romney and Obama the Ron Paul train would have had such momentum that all states would have easily elected him.
But you are right. In our current circumstances with state/corporate controlled media he had a snowball's chance in hell.
We failed to realize how deeply corrupt our 'news' organizations are. We naively assumed that if Paul got enough donations they would give him equal airtime and respect. We assumed that the second place victory in Iowa would have been noticed, but we saw it blatantly ignored. We assumed that in caucus after caucus, convention after convention, that which so much cellphone video, eye-witness accounts of corruption, rules violations, law breaking, assaults, false arrests, that even one national news org would rise to their duty and report this fraud. But alas, we assumed wrong. Instead we got stories of a college student wanting birth control pills from the government.

The media is our enemy, it is the blue pill that many are reluctant to give up. But there is hope. With Romney's 'shocking' loss many are beginning to question things.