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I'm a Libertessive, or a Progressatarian.

This comes from growing-up as a child during the Vietnam, Watergate, and CIA Crime disclosures period (60s-70s), which bankrupted our Nations' soul (as well as its budget). It was permantly engrained into me at that time, that War is a shame, our U.S. Foreign Policy is dishonest, and the War Establishment plays cruel tricks on its own people to get them to serve as cannon-fodder in grotesque, illegal and manufactured Wars. As a part-time musician the Music of that same era, which I was very influenced by, also reflected that same anti-War attitude (unlike today unfortunately). So the anti-War candidate (if they're is one), will get my vote every time. As the song goes: "Give Peace A Chance".

I became inspired by Ron Paul in 2007, when he was the only person to be able to articulate the costs and immorality of our Country's pyscopathic actions since 9/11. I also learned then that the strings are really being pulled by the International Bankers and Central Bank structures, and not just the CIA or Oil Companies in isolation.

Things like: a) Ending the Federal Reserve, b) Closing Military Basis, c) Bringing all the Troops home, d) Ending NAFTA, e) Ending the Drug Wars, f) Restoring the Bill Of Rights and due process, and g) Terminating the 'Patriot Act', etc., are all things that could be championed by either Dennis Kucinich (D), Ron Paul (R), or Bernie Sanders (I), or Alan Grayson (D). And this coalition needs to work together.

But I still hold true that having a simple social safety net, is a compassionate, rational, and practical use of Government -- because the private sector is concerned only with the profits of their shareholders, and not to any concerns of the human condition, or preventing poverty, hardships, and human tragedy.

Self reliance sounds wonderful, but you cannot go to college (and become marketable) unless you can first pay the enormous college bills. And working part-time at McDonalds or Walmart just ain't ever going to cut it. And we all know that an unemployed person cannot put on a nice suit, put gas in their car, and perform well in a job interview -- if they're broke and being evicted from their apartment and they're literally starving to death (unemployment). Having some basic community services therefore is just common sense, because a totally stratified society made up of the "haves" and "have nots" ... means dirty, crime-infested, and ugly neigborhoods. A great Country doesn't have to live this way.

So small government to me, means cutting the Corporate Subsidies (which distorts the free market), cutting the Military, the CIA, the Wars, the Secret State, bringing all the troops back home, cutting the Tax Loopholes for the rich, and cutting Bailouts to crooked Banks and for Multinationals. Small government also means rejecting "authoritarism", and getting government out of people's bedrooms and social lives and religion (marijuana should be legal, and there is no 'State Religion'). Small government also means that the Law applies equally to Dick Cheney, the Rockefellers, and the evil Bush Family, and that Human rights and our basic Liberties are not overthrown (Patriot Act) by government decree.

As it turns out, these are precisely the things that Ron Paul himself talks about. He does not ever emphasize or promote the gutting of medicare or social security, but instead he focuses on the real waste and on the high order corruption.

I voted for Gary Johnson in this Election, but I also was torn between him and Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party), as they share common ground on these same core issues.

So by combining and building the Libertarian-Progressive Coalition, it might be possible to create a large enough political voting block to begin to make substantive changes in these fundamental areas.