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And THAT Was One

...of Octobox's points. Had Ron Paul been elected President, given our system, the best he could have done is to continue waking people up to the fact that this system is not working.

We need critical mass waking up to that *fact*... And we need to stop listening to the hype, because the media is rigged. The voting is rigged. The Fed is rigged. Congress is rigged. Global corporations get a pass and are rigged. Slowly infiltrate is one prong.Education is always an important prong. Supporting all liberty candidates is another prong. Rebuilding our communities and local government is a prong. But we also need to start envisioning the critical transition period or very little is going to change and we are dreaming. We are up against a monster of huge magnitude. However, once stripped of its power it is much like the Wizard in the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. A little straw man.

However we also have to deal with them dumbed down or whatever...the masses. We have the brain-dead and we have the dumbed-down and we have fearful executives and upper management. That is just the reality. I am an optomist; however, I also see the reality.

Because there is a Ron Paul there are others. I like to think of them as (1)those being mentored and we are in that group and (2)the elders...those doing the mentoring or those who could be doing the mentoring. The elders, the mentors would, in a more perfect less narcissistic society, be cherished and placed in high positions. They would make the "big" decisions on behalf of those no longer capable of making "big" decisions. That, I believe, is along the lines of what Octobox calls a transition government. The kind of transition government that can effect a return to values where altruism is not a government hand-out. Where education is based on real history, thinking is encouraged rather than manipulated. Where free markets foster industrial creativity and those who contribute to it are rewarded. Where pure competition is not only allowed, but encouraged.

If you consider that we are below ground zero at point A and we want to get to point C with liberty and free markets, we better recognize that we ARE below ground zero and anything other than a well-planned transition is going to result in another head stuck on the suit with the red, white and blue tie and the puppet strings in the same hands. No change.