Comment: 16 States are not preparing

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16 States are not preparing

16 States are not preparing to secede. It's citizens within those states that have posted and voted in petitions to secede on the White House's website that is specifically for petitions by the people.

There are no official requests or petitions by any State Governments to secede, at least that I know of.

Don't let this news rattle you. I've noticed a lot of tricky wording being used when reporting on this issue.

Take the following for example, from

Alabama is one of 19 states - and counting - where citizens have petitioned the White House in the days after the Nov. 6 presidential election, seeking to withdraw from the United States and create their own governments.

The tricky wording that's used is quite disingenuous to say the least. They make it sound as though these are official petitions from the States but it's just from individuals within those states.