Comment: exhilerating, exhausting fun!

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exhilerating, exhausting fun!

I've done it before and contemplate another go at it anon. I was also a working father and realized going in that campaigning was going to be another full-time job.

Do your partner and children support your notion? If not, you need to seriously rethink the proposition yourself. If they do, CONSCRIPT THEIR ASSES FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN. Loving families are solid gold set-dressing. I don't know how much support my daughter drummed up as she passed out brochures ("My father is running for Congress. Please vote for him."), but cuteness never hurts.

If you are adept at speaking in front of crowds, or have a background in amateur theatre you'll find that it helps. Also important to remember that if you do run you will ALWAYS BE ON whenever you appear ANYWHERE in public, so shave regularly, or don't, but otherwise appear neat, clean, responsible, and non-threatening, and always be willing to grant a quick word and smile no matter how much of hurry in which you find yourself. You WILL be pressed for time, ALL OF THE TIME!

Have fun and get as much sleep as you possibly can!

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to be continued