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"But as you stated, today's

"But as you stated, today's youth do not mature as soon as in the past."

Being exposed only to stupid and useless shiat (movies, Disney Chanel, reality shows, youtube, Facebook, sitcoms, clubs, drugs, alcohol, most people mature around the age of 25 and some even later.

I'm not expectin everyone to be like Alexander The Great or Napoleon when they are 17 years old, but today's society is very immature compared with hundreds of years ago, when kids where having responsabilities since they where 5 years old (feed the animals, chores around the house,protecting their family, etc).

Whn my mom was 5 she had stuff to do at her grandparents little farm, today my 11 years old nephew doesn't give a shiat about ANYTHING except video games and acting like the idiot kids he sees on Disney Channel, and most of his classmates are the same, their brain seriously underdeveloped.