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I'm 23,

My whole family is Liberal. My whole life I was led to believe republicans only care about the rich. In 2008 I voted for Obama. The first time I ever saw the name Ron Paul was on a sticker on a post outside of a supermarket. My sister later told me about him, she was into the 9/11 truth movement and she heard of him through Alex Jones. I didn't pay attention to him for a while. What really got me going in the search for Ron Paul was his anti war stance, I was always left leaning and his ideas on taxes and regulations always seemed crazy to me until one day out of curiosity I started checking his stance on issues, just to have a laugh. After watching a couple of videos on youtube he didn't seem so crazy anymore. When I learned about the Federal Reserve everything started to click and my thirst for knowledge grew. The rest is history. Ron Paul and the liberty movement have changed my life completely.