Comment: The problem with pedophile "personal"fantasies is child porn

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The problem with pedophile "personal"fantasies is child porn

That's what porn does--it feeds personal fantasies, and eventually become an addiction. You think a pedophile will be satisfied with just his own personal mental daydreams of sexual intimacy with minors? Or satiated with sexually suggestive illustrations and not photographs of exploited children? No. Exploitative child porn will be the next step. In short, what you THINK (and obsess) over sooner or later translates into ACTION.

Sorry, I don't buy it. Neither do I think its ok for a adult teacher to woo one of his or her students. There is just a disparity of power and maturity in such a situation that favors the adult's calculated desire over the bright eyed idealism of youth. Goodness knows there are enough bad relationships from so-called legally mature adults!

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