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Comment: I know I'm going to get HATE for this comment

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I know I'm going to get HATE for this comment

Humans are so freaking arrogant at their own existence.

The same people who are so ProLife/AntiAbortion do not distinguish between human life and life in general.

This alone is absurd.

If a 'possibly' venomous spider approaches your child, you'll kill it without remorse or thought. Same for any number of species. Stomp, crunch, dead.

To hold the life of a human so far above any other life in existence is admirable, if you're human. Not so much for the other 'life'

Since when did the Golden Rule apply only to humans?

I'm not saying an unborn child is a threat to anyone. No fangs, venom or otherwise.

That's not my point.

If you're ProLife, you must be Pro ALL LIFE or you're a hypocrite.

Just like a Sgt has never met an Atheist in a Foxhole, I've never met a ProLifer in the middle of a Venomous Snakepit

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul