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Put a constitutional sheriff in - in two years

he could clean up all of the corruption in one county that supports the current mass indoctrination of the people. Let free media outlets do their thing... etc...

It's all up to your sheriff. If he has the support of the people he can do anything. Each county has perhaps 500,000-1,000,000 people. How free would we be if everyone age 18-35 were by default (with their consent of course) members of the sheriff's posse? All the sheriff has to do is protect the people he serves. The rewards for that are eternally better than the rewards for corruption and treason.

Tell me if you have a sheriff willing to do that... that the people he serves in the new age of twitter, CIAbook, google plus, skype, blogs, podcast, etc would not be 10x more likely to vote for him in the next constitutional, paper ballots counted in public view election?