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Anyone who would post on DP already is quite suspicious to the PTB. Most likely if you post here, you have already spoken out in electronic form on any number of issues on several anti-government (according to FBI -- "domestic terrorist") sites. Actually, the more of us who vocally protest now, the more difficult it will be to crack down on any of us.

It's like the remake of the movie "The Thing," which was based on a science fiction short story by John W. Campbell called "Who Goes There?" At one point in the movie, the main protagonist is talking to himself about why the alien DNA assimilating monsters don't just kill the remaining humans and overtly take over the Antarctic base the movie is situated at. His answer to himself was, quite simply, "There must be more of us (humans) than them (monsters)" Same with patriots vs. brownshirts. There are still far more of us than them. If they openly started rounding us up, their actions would be blatantly visible to all the remaining decent people, and their game would be up. One advantage we have over the humans in "The Thing" is that there will probably always be more of us than them, and especially if we speak out now while we can shout loudly and clearly without interference.