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Comment: Your scope is too small.

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Your scope is too small.

OP writes: "On November 6th a large percentage of the Ron Paul supporters (10% of the GOP electorate) in the primary season exited the corrupt GOP voting process," but doesn't seem to realize that it wasn't just 10% of the GOP that would have voted for Ron Paul, LOTS of anti-war and (sigh...) anti-businessman people from the Democrat side would have voted for him too.

I hope you saw how the Republicans were caught completely susprised because they didn't expect much of a vote from young people. And those young people (under 25) voted nearly 80% for Obama. They certainly would NEVER vote for Romney. But if Ron Paul was offered I bet we would have captured a LOT of that vote. And remember, every vote converted from Democrat to Republican is actually like two votes in the contest, one away from Obama, and one toward the Republican.