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I'm the OP and hadn't watched it at the time of my post

I'm on part 3 right now and I agree w/ you that her support of fractional reserve banking seems crazy to me. I don't like that she said "it can work if..." when she was all too willing to dismiss the gold standard because it could be debased. It's almost as if she was saying "the gold standard won't work if..." rather than "it can work if...".

Also she does seem to believe in the centralization of power. Who gets to decide what the reserve requirement is? That's a centralized position. Maybe she thinks it's irrelevant as long as everything is backed by something and marked-to-market. What does she want to happen though if something is marked-to-market but decreases in value? Should the FDIC be there to make the depositors whole? Or does she want the depositors to lose money? Personally I think if we're ever going have an honest system we need the latter.

So far I'm disappointed in her presentation but I'll still watch the other parts and make a more complete judgment afterward.