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Wisdom Strategies

I always enjoy reading your posts. They are uplifting and give me hope. I am glad that you are here :-)

I typically do not defend others. I believe individuals should stand on their own two feet. But in this case, I believe that there may be some technical points that are being missed.

Granger, like all of us, has faults. While she was grassroots for many years, she now (I think) believes that grassroots is useless. It is known that I wholeheartedly disagree, based upon my experiences. Grassroots IS effective, if done effectively. Some have the knack, others do not. Some have no option, depending upon how long they were registered with a given party.

In defense of Granger, she is correct that we must engage the gop, take over as many seats as possible, and effect the change that we seek from within. This country, though not originally designed that way, is now a two party system. As many Independents and other parties as there are, they are still considered fringe and have no financial/msm footing.

This movement is growing. Maybe not as large or as fast as we would like, but it is growing. I believe that ALL of us should utilize our own individual talents and strategies, then come together and hit tbtb from all sides.

Granger and I have had our differences, I have even written her off a couple of times. Well, that is one of my faults; I care so much that I sometimes do let things get to me, even if at times I try to deny it. But then I think to myself, Granger is not a bad person. She may come across as evil, a smart-ass, or a know-it-all, but deep down her intentions are sincere. At times she is even right. Maybe her personality is in a way somewhat similar to mine. Maybe it helps to spice things up a bit, which I kind of like :-)

Wisdom Strategies, I consider you a valued member to the r3VOLution. I think that it would be swell if you and Granger could try to come together. If she really is evil, it is best to keep your enemies closer than far away :-) J/K! One thing I do know, you and Granger could both learn from each other, just as I continue to learn from all of you :-)

One last thing: NEVER compromise your principles and vote for the likes of obam-ney :-)

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