Comment: Former believer in Universal Health Care

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Former believer in Universal Health Care

My very first presidential election, I voted for G.H.W. Bush in 1988 (I thought he was smarter than Dukakis. I had no concept of partisan philosophy at the time). After that, I voted Dem in 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004. I thought Republicans were mostly pompous a$$es and Dems were very reasonable (maybe I was a moderate?). I thought gun control made perfect sense, and we could let hunters "check out" a gun from the government (like a library book) and return it after the hunting season. I even remember saying we just HAD to have universal health care, because it was getting so expensive. So, basically, I WAS the kind of idiot that I now try to educate.

Sometime after 2004 I really started paying more attention to debt issues, looking at reality, and adopting a very fiscally conservative outlook. I also thought the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were turning into a giant waste of life and resources. In 2007, while surfing the internet, my husband stumbled across a quiz comparing your personal views to the views of all the primary candidates at the time (both D and R). Guess who agreed with just about ALL of my beliefs? Ron Paul.

After listening to a couple speeches, hearing him talk about Natural Law and the Founding Fathers, I started voraciously learing everything I could about these issues. There has been no going back now. I still called myself an independent until this year, but now I am a proud Republican precinct delegate (with a libertarian heart).

IF YOU WANT TO PERSUADE ANYONE (Democrate of Republican) TO A LIBERTARIAN PERSPECTIVE, take my advice: start from a neutral, non-partisan point. Don't make it about a candidate(s). Teach them about NATURAL LAW and then everything else falls into place. Once a person understands the morality and logic of natural law, that person can easily convince HIMSELF of the benefits of liberty candidates and liberty positions.