Comment: I must have been out of my mind

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I must have been out of my mind

I was completely brainwashed and it wasn't until 5 years ago

I've undergone a transition from a completely asleep sheeple to a wide awake patriot. Good thing I took a lot of history classes in school and had some sort of foundation or I may have never woken up.

In 1992 and 1996 I voted for Clinton
In 2000 I voted for Gore
In 2004 I voted for Kerry
In 2008 primary I voted for Hillary
In 2008 general I voted for McCain

I'm not proud of this voting history. They were and are all criminals. I was operating under the "lesser of two Evils" brainwashed reasoning. Bush Daddy and Bush Jr are sadistic evil men that's true but a willing puppet soullessly destroying America really is no better.

When Obama was running the first time, I did finally see the bias in the Media that everyone had been talking about. So inadvertently, the difference between what the media reported vs what my own two eyes observed I began my awakening. When I saw that Zbigniew Brzezinski had endorsed Obama, I went and looked up info on Brzeniski. And then, I ran across a we are change video.... I think that's who it was.... It was just a guy with a camera at a Zbigniew Brzezinski speech in NYC and later having to run for it to keep his camera from being confiscated.

It became a snow ball effect. It didn't happen fast enough though because I still voted for that criminal McCain in 2008 election. It was shortly after the inauguration that I firmly found myself supporting Ron Paul and wishing I had wised up sooner.

My Husband and my sister woke up just like I did. Once awake though you can never go back to sleep. I just don't think it's humanly possible.

My first real vote of my life and the only one I'm proud of is this year when I voted for Ron Paul.