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I agree with all you said

Let me give you a few points to ponder. How many people in Alabama get their income directly or indirectly from the Armed Forces or corporations that feed the massive MIC? How many people in Alabama receive food stamps or EBT cards? How many small business have accepted small business loans or money from the "recovery act".

How many small businesses have filled out and received grants, loans, direct aid from the federal government? What about your colleges? Do you have any idea how much federal aid Alabama and Auburn are given (bribed) by the federal government to keep them up and running?

What about student loans. Read the fine print on those contracts?

Here is my point. You and I (and maybe 5% more) would be willing to say fcuk it and let all that free mIoney stop. But it would take at least a year or two of very hard times to get an independent state enconomy functioning. Police and local leaders (new ones not these political hacks) would have to work long hours for next to nothing during this transition period. All the federal employees would be leaving the state to go where they can get paid.

A new money system would need to be worked out. All of this would be a near utopia once all the free loaders and crooks were gone...but the transition would be messy and unless I'm missing something...most of the people in Alabama would rise up and raise hell when their federal funding stopped and they started to go hungy. Just look at NYC right now.

Again, I'm with you and I want a way out but I don't want to leave this country. New Hampshires Free state project seems to be feesable but I was born and raised in the South. I like NH. I've been there and it's cool in more ways than one. But all my friends and life support connections are here in the South.

No question something has to be done and will be done...hopefully we can avoid another civil war.